Welcome to my new blog

Dr Nigel Francis - Headshot

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but have never thought that I had anything that people would be interested in hearing about. However, I recently read a book by Austin Kleon called Show Your Work!: 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity And Get Discovered (Austin Kleon) and that inspired me to set up and start writing this blog.

One of the main messages that I took from reading the book is that people are interested in the process by with people arrive at their destinations, what Kleon described as making the sausage. So it’s not just about the finished product, but also about the steps to get there.

I intend to write about my work, hobbies and random things that interest me, so you can expect to read about education, my own learning journey and Lego Star Wars! I hope you will find this insight into my life interesting and join me for the ride!

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