#DryLabsRealScience 7

#DryLabsRealScience 7 advert

After a short break over the summer while everyone relaxed (I wish) and started preparing their teaching materials for what promises to be a very different and challenging academic year teaching wise the #DryLabsRealScience meetings returned with two presentations, the first from Dr Keith Miller from Sheffield Hallam University and Mr David Bryson from the University of Derby.

Keith talked about his experiences running remote Master level projects and the lessons learned, which will be invaluable not just for people running Masters next year, but also considerations for final year capstone projects in conjunction with the work that Dave Lewis has been doing. David then spoke about how to enhance teaching materials using photos in teaching and closed with a fascinating discussion about his use of polling software in his teaching.

The videos of the talks will be on my YouTube channel and linked via the #DLRS page shortly.