#DryLabsRealScience 2

#DryLabsRealScience 2 advert

The second #DryLabsRealScience meeting was held on Wednesday 20th May with talks from Dr Dave Lewis, Dr Chris Wilmott and Sam Butcher from Labster.

We were delighted to welcome Dave Lewis from Leeds University, who has been doing some incredible work around non-lab-based capstone projects. He presented over 10 different types of projects that he has used in the past with great success and gave attendees a wide range of options to consider.

Chris Wilmott from the University of Leicester then presented about using Box of Broadcasts, which is a repository of TV shows, as a final year project. Finally, Sam Butcher from Labster presented their highly immersive augmented reality simulations that can be used to replace lab classes during the pandemic, or be used as a supplement once access to labs returns.

The videos of the talks will be shared on my YouTube channel and on the #DLRS page shortly.