#DryLabsRealScience 10

It’s amazing to think that we have held ten #DryLabsRealScience meetings already! At this meeting we have four presentations including co-founder David Smith, Julia Sero, Isabel Murillo and Krys Bangert.

Dr Julia Sero from the University of Bath gave an extended overview of using image analysis as a capstone project, and provided an great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject in the form of an EdX course ‘Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientists’. Dr David Smith (Sheffield Hallam University) spoke about his collaborative project with Bob LeSuer using the command prompt instructions to guide Masters students through a simulated practical class. Isabel Murillo from the University of Bristol showcased the way she had set up her course in the VLE to provide videos, simulations and other teaching exercises as a seamlessly integrated virtual lab experience. Lastly, Krys Bangert (University of Sheffield), who is a colleague of Tom Howard presented the Internet of Things and how it can be used to allow students remote access to laboratory equipment in Sheffield’s custom build lab-teaching facility, The Diamond.

The videos of the talks will be on my YouTube channel and linked via the #DLRS page shortly.