Co-creation for learning

co-creating immunology resources cover slide

Well, this was one of the easiest presentations at a conference that I have ever given…largely because I didn’t have to do very much!

I’m grateful to Professor Ian Turner for inviting me to present at a combined HUBS/HUCBMS workshop on co-creation, but the real stars of the show were Ross Davey and Sean Holm, who spoke incredibly passionately about their roles in helping co-create learning and teaching resources, including the Immunology Wars website, a virtual flow cytometer and immunology revision game and the discussions we had that led me to start flipping my classroom (all links open in new tabs).

It was also inspiring hearing from academics like Dr Jo Rushworth describe her project on Student Lecturers and to hear from the students themselves and how much they had taken from the project.

As I often say and try to impress on colleagues, students are our best critics, and it is important to try and involve them (where appropriate) in the design of their course so that they really feel like their opinion is valued. From the academic perspective, I have found that having students critique your teaching and resources is one of the most empowering forms of teaching observation; you just need a think skin because sometimes the students can be very, very honest! If, however, it ends up making me a better teacher, then I’m all for it!